Nha Trang

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Nha Trang

Long-beloved by tourists from across Asia and Europe, Nha Trang is among Vietnam's most sought-after beach holiday destinations. Despite being well and truly on the trodden path, Nha Trang remains an attractive seaside resort, drawing in both backpackers and cruise excursionists with its cheap and delicious food, active nightlife, nature getaways, inexpensive wellness treatments, and modern entertainment highlights like the Vinpearl Amusement Park.

The City

Nha Trang continues to attract a growing number of international visitors year after year, the persisting demand creating a steady supply of new dining, entertainment and leisure centres. But there is a very traditional side to Nha Trang, too: the historic Cham Towers, one of Nha Trang's unmissable attractions, continue to serve their religious purpose and attract Buddhist worshippers, and residents of fishing villages continue to make a living the same way they have for decades, all this on the water within arm's reach from modern shopping centres. A trip to Nha Trang can be whatever one makes it: a stay at a secluded high-class resort or a genuine immersion into local culture, complete with scooters as the primary mode of transportation and meals at roadside hole-in-the-wall eateries that have managed to turn the humble rice noodle into a culinary art form.


Each Vietnamese region famously boasts its own culinary specialities, not to be found (or significantly less common) elsewhere. Nha Trang is no exception: the city's waterside location ensures seafood is present in local cooking in its many forms, with unmissable specialities that include 'bun cha ca' (jellyfish noodles), curried or steamed snails, 'banh can' rice cakes, and pork snacks such as 'nem nuong' (grilled fermented rolls served with fish sauce).

Essential Information

Do & See

Although primarily a resort destination, Nha Trang packs a surprising punch when it comes to pursuits of all kinds, from historic Buddhist temples to modern entertainment such as riding a cable car hovering over Nha Trang Bay on one's way to a fun-filled day at Vinpearl.


There is no shortage of attractive cafes in Nha Trang, be it rustic beach shacks, casual air-conditioned respites from the heat, or upper-range lounges. Our top two picks are the longstanding Sailing Club and tropical Rainforest Cafe.

Bars & Nightlife

Nha Trang remains rather lively after sundown, with several institutions that draw in visitors every night without fail (these include The Sailing Club and Louisiane Brewhouse, for example). There is live music and entertainment to be had along the beach, plus bars with more of a 'dive' quality to them nestled deeper in town (Crazy Kim is our favourite one of those).


Apart from the usual knick knacks, some of the items worth seeking out in Nha Trang include clothing (tailoring is relatively big here, and one could get a custom piece made inexpensively), high-quality crafts (such as silk embroidery or pottery), pearl jewellery, and small souvenirs such as tin coffee brewers and beans from farms across Vietnam.